Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Call for submissions! Deadline June 30th!

Desert Tapestry Weavers would like to publish the first quarterly newsletter & we need your help!!!

Please help make this first issue interesting & wonderful….

Can you?.......

~Send us a brief article or poem you’ve written that describes how desert living has influenced your life & tapestry designs. Include images of your work, if available!

~Send us news & images about what’s on your loom now & how your desert life played a role in its design!

~Send us news of any workshops in the DTW region you know of!

~Send us news of upcoming exhibits for entry, to visit, or to which your work has been accepted in the DTW region!


Please send your written articles & images as email attachments.

If you are interested in being included as a member of Desert Tapestry Weavers, please leave a comment with your name on the “Welcome” post or contact us.

Take the time to subscribe to the DTW blog so you will receive notification of new posts!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Welcome to the blog of Desert Tapestry Weavers, a loose organization of tapestry weavers from worldwide desert regions. Initially conceived as a regional group in conjunction with the American Tapestry Alliance, its concept has grown to include all desert weavers. It is our belief that for desert dwellers aridity and the awesome beauty of arid lands forms a certain state of mind. Given these similarities, we want to extend our region to all geographic areas of aridity. Our mission is to share our passion for tapestry through subjects common to all of us--scarcity of water, magnificent and unusual flora and fauna, arid landscapes, big skies. The list is long, but all of us who live in such environments know our connection to the land is profound. The vastness of the geographical area DTW includes would make actual meetings of the members hard to realize. For this reason, news and articles will be delivered to members via this weblog. This format will allow for membership and sharing of information without cost.

Please join us in helping make this "regional" group a strong presence in the tapestry community. Our goals may be lofty, but we must start small by, first, defining the group which, thus, depends on you letting us know of your interest. Second, in time, we hope to launch an Internet show of tapestries on desert themes.

Ultimately, we hope to have an actual show of medium or small tapestries in a yet to be discovered location. Since international participation is important to our goal we would encourage all international participants to consider post card tapestries, or small tapestries that are easily sent through the mails. To express your interest in becoming a member of DTW, drop us a line! To voice your thoughts about the formation of this new group for all to read, click on the "comment" link at the bottom of this post!

Again, welcome to Desert Tapestry Weavers! Please visit often to check for news updates as our organization grows.

Kathy Perkins, co-director
Lyn Hart, co-director