Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Call for submissions! Deadline June 30th!

Desert Tapestry Weavers would like to publish the first quarterly newsletter & we need your help!!!

Please help make this first issue interesting & wonderful….

Can you?.......

~Send us a brief article or poem you’ve written that describes how desert living has influenced your life & tapestry designs. Include images of your work, if available!

~Send us news & images about what’s on your loom now & how your desert life played a role in its design!

~Send us news of any workshops in the DTW region you know of!

~Send us news of upcoming exhibits for entry, to visit, or to which your work has been accepted in the DTW region!


Please send your written articles & images as email attachments.

If you are interested in being included as a member of Desert Tapestry Weavers, please leave a comment with your name on the “Welcome” post or contact us.

Take the time to subscribe to the DTW blog so you will receive notification of new posts!

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